Building Defects in Construction

Building Defects in Construction


The construction industry is no stranger to building defects, which can be a headache for property owners and Contractors. Defects can be anything from minor cosmetic issues to significant structural defects that compromise the safety of a building. In any case, building defects are breaches of contract and they can result in costly repairs, delayed projects and payment disputes.

At Arbicon, we understand the challenges that building defects can pose on your construction project which is why we offer a range of services designed to help resolve construction disputes quickly and efficiently, minimising the impact on your project and timescales. We can act as your expert advocate, expert witness or as the tribunal.

How Arbicon can help:

Alternative Dispute Resolution: 

If a dispute arises over a building defect our team can help you navigate the practical commercial and legal landscape to find a resolution. Arbicon have been instructed to deal with a number of projects where works have been significantly non-compliant.

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Construction Project Rescue / Construction Management Failure: 

If the whole building project is defective our team can manage the entire process of rectification from start to finish. We work closely with building owners, developers, contractors, engineers and other stakeholders to assist in the delivery of the work to the highest standards and that all defects are fully resolved.

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In conclusion, building defects can be a major challenge in the construction industry, the stress and uncertainty caused can be effectively challenged. At Arbicon, we have the experience and expertise to help you resolve your construction dispute quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to focusing on your construction projects. 

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