Project Overview

In July 2023, our firm was engaged by Peterborough City Council to conduct an inspection of a boundary line between a residential property and a public highway. The objective was to prepare a comprehensive CPR 35 Expert Report on the location of the boundary.

The property was adjacent to a parcel of land owned and maintained by Peterborough City Council. During routine maintenance works undertaken by the council, it was discovered that trees had been inaccurately planted on the council's land by the owner of the adjacent property, giving rise to a dispute.

Our boundary expert, Harvey Cooke undertook a site visit and conducted a thorough examination prior to the visit. This included a detailed review of the original title plans. Over the years, the property had undergone several extensions, with the owner introducing a new fence and conifer trees post-completion of the works. Measurements were taken during the inspection and compared against the data outlined in the original title deeds. Our Director considered the historical changes to the property and the newly introduced elements to form a comprehensive understanding of the situation.


Based on the gathered evidence and a careful analysis, our expert opinion concluded that the planted trees did not accurately represent the boundary line. It was determined that these trees had been incorrectly positioned on the council's land.

Our findings were compiled into a detailed Expert Report, which was promptly submitted to Peterborough City Council. Subsequently, the case was successfully settled based on our expert insights and recommendations.