Project Overview

BAE Plumbing and Heating Ltd engaged our services to facilitate the recovery of funds in a contractual dispute. The client, a sub-contractor involved in plumbing works for a new build housing development, faced disagreements with the main contractor.

The main challenge stemmed from conflicting opinions on the scope of work, defects, remediation requirements, the validity of termination and the associated financial implications. The dispute escalated to the point where both sides wanted financial compensation from each other.


Arbicon undertook a comprehensive negotiation process, navigating through the complexities of the dispute. Through strategic negotiations, a settlement of £12,000 was successfully achieved for our client. The resolution was not only a good financial outcome, but also avoided the need for adjudication, highlighting the effectiveness of our negotiation process.

The negotiated settlement demonstrated our commitment to securing favourable outcomes for our clients. It was also agreed that our client had no liability for the defects in the works whether patent or latent. By using our negotiation expertise, we effectively addressed the issues at hand and the successful resolution safeguarded our client's financial interests.

In conclusion, our involvement in this case exemplifies our dedication to delivering positive results for our clients through a skilful negotiation and dispute resolution strategies.