Project Overview

A prominent flooring company engaged our services to assist in the recovery of a debt owed to them by an Employer in October 2023. The invoice related to 50m2 (approx.) of wood flooring works. Our client completed the works after snags and tendered their invoice on completion for immediate settlement. The Employer part paid our client’s invoice leaving the balance of almost £4,000 unpaid.

The Employer stated several reasons as to why they would not settle the remaining balance. These were:

  • Delays to the job with a claim for hotels and food.
  • Snags.


The contract did not provide any kind of time to complete mechanism, that is, no date to complete the work. Time was at large. Our client had in fact completed the works diligently without defect to substantial completion of circa 90% complete. The outstanding snags did not impede the Employer's use of the house and the final work was completed in a reasonable time. The Employer had no choice but to pay the balance in full.