Project Overview

Arbicon was approached by a Client, who had a boundary dispute with their neighbour and were instructed to inspect their property and provide an opinion on the position of the boundary. The boundary dispute arose when two property owners, X and Y, disagreed on the exact location of their shared property line. The dispute escalated and both parties were unable to reach an amicable resolution.


Upon receiving the request for assistance, our Expert quickly conducted a site visit to gather information and assess the situation. We conducted an on-site investigation to identify physical markers, examine neighbouring properties and assess any relevant factors that could impact the boundary line.

Challenges Arbicon Faced:

• Inaccurate and outdated property legal documents
• Lack of clarity regarding historical land surveys and boundary line
• Emotional tensions between the parties

Arbicon worked closely with the Client and reviewed all the relevant documents, including title deeds and conducted an extensive investigation to understand the history of the property, previous ownership and changes to the property over time. The Land Registry title plans only showed ‘general boundaries’ and therefore it was not possible to identify the precise position of the legal boundary from these plans alone.

After thorough analysis, Arbicon produced a comprehensive CPR 35 Expert Report to convey accurate interpretation of the data, detailing key findings and our professional opinion. Arbicon’s Expert Report served as a valuable resource to support the resolution process and Arbicon was able to reach resolution that satisfied both parties. Acting as impartial mediators, we also facilitated discussions between both parties to resolve the dispute.