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Use an Arbicon Expert Report to Resolve Construction Disputes

There are many different aspects and types of issues that can arise in construction contracts and it is important where Expert evidence is required to adopt the right Expert to get to the bottom of the issues and get through the legal proceedings.

A Chartered Quantity Surveyor Expert will provide opinion on contract practice, delays in and costs of construction work and there are many instances when a QS Expert Report is an essential tool to resolve a dispute.

It is not just brick counting, the QS Expert interprets the contract and draws from that interpretation samples or facts to arrive at the cost values and that might include drawing an opinion on cost where there is no contract terms agreed without encroaching on the Court’s role or being partisan. Special skills are necessary. Arbicon’s Expert QSs are chartered (RICS) and have Expert Witness training as well as years of experience of specialising in dispute resolution matters such as Arbitration, Adjudication and Mediation.

Typical examples of Reports Arbicon are instructed to do include:

  • Cost value of the Final Account
  • Cost value of works on Termination (required immediately)
  • Cost value in Development Agreements
  • Delay Analysis & Liquidated Damages
  • Value of Loss and/or Expense
  • Defects and Contra Charges
  • Damages for breach of contract
  • Professional Negligence
  • Boundary Disputes

If you are seeking a QS Expert Report in your Court, Arbitration or Adjudication proceedings, simply call Arbicon for an initial consultation.