Growing Pains? Are you struggling to Juggle?

Are you a Contractor with lots of work and no Commercial Department or QS to cope with your day to day business? As your business grows are you getting behind or in a muddle with obtaining the work, carrying it out and getting paid for it? In order to succeed and avoid risking failure you need a solid Commercial Department or QS.

Arbicon can provide the Commercial Services Department to bridge the gap and improve your position contractually and make your business run smoothly and credibly. So how do we do that? We manage your QS department from start to finish to suit your requirements making sure you are covered legally and your cash flow is maximised.

We can provide:

  • Assessments & Negotiation of Contract Terms - dealing with onerous clauses - getting the best deal
  • Contract Notice Management
  • Record Keeping Management
  • Programme & Delay Management
  • Staff Training
  • Employers Requirements/ Contractor Proposal Writing
  • Tendering Services/ advice
  • Interim & Final Valuations
  • Retention Collection
  • Warranties & P.I. Insurance advice
  • O & M Manuals
  • Contract Advice on - EOT’s, Loss & Expense, Suspension of Works, Determination/ Repudiation, Insolvency, Practical Completion & Defects, Contra Charges, Design Responsibility, Document Conflicts and all Contract Procedures.
  • Dispute Resolution - Negotiation, Adjudication, Mediation, Arbitration
  • Expert Witness/ Reporting/ Determination

Professional Negligence Claims Don't get caught out and lose money!