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Construction Court Assistance

Construction Court Assistance

Arbicon are specialists in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), which is every Dispute Resolution process that does not need the Court. However, on occasion, Court may be the only option and Arbicon can assist you and support you in getting your case to Court. The two main instances where we can help is in assisting with Court Procedures are actions in the:

  • Small Claims Court (County Court)
  • High Court - Technology and Construction Court (TCC)

We can help with Small Claims but our help will only likely be minor as Small Claims Courts do not allow for the recovery of costs.

Where we are most usually involved is in Adjudication Enforcement cases where we can assist with document management, pleadings and appointment of Counsel by direct or public access to Counsel. Arbicon have been involved in a number of cases in the TCC in respect of enforcement including Speymill Contracts Ltd v Baskind (2010) EWCA - 25 Feb 2010; CSK Electrical Contractors Ltd v Kingwood Electrical Services Ltd (TCC) 11 Mar 2015; Lulu Construction Ltd v Mulalley & Co Ltd (TCC) - 17 Mar 2016.

Arbicon can also act as a "Shadow Expert" in assisting with the advocacy of your case and help manage the Pre-action Protocol for Construction Engineering Disputes. We also know the best barristers to use for effective Court action.

If you need our help with court proceedings for your construction dispute, please use our contact form or call our offices below:

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