Commercial Negotiation

Commercial Negotiation

The first thing Arbicon will attempt with your dispute is to explore a negotiated settlement. Our involvement will instantly prompt a response, which will either lead to a settlement or clarify and reaffirm your strategy to pursue justice.

Disputes resolved through negotiation will help maintain working relationships, with the other party, if the politics of salvage are desirable. It is useful where you simply do not have the desire for formal proceedings due to time and cost constraints, or where your case and evidence is not as strong as you would like. In such cases negotiation can often be an effective method of resolving disputes.

The Arbicon team have extensive experience in negotiating the settlement of construction disputes, ranging from small sums on residential projects through to complex claims and final accounts on multi-million-pound commercial projects. Arbicon can support you with your dispute by not only advising on the appropriate method of dispute resolution, but where negotiation is relevant, we can:

  • Advise on the strengths of your case and appropriate negotiation strategy.
  • Attend negotiation meetings between you and the other party to provide you with assistance and support on matters relevant to negotiation of the dispute.
  • Act as your representative to conduct negotiations on your behalf in an effective and assertive manner to achieve settlement of your dispute, and
  • When settlement has been reached, draft a legally binding and enforceable settlement agreement.

If you would like to find out how your construction dispute could be resolved through commercial negotiation, please use our contact form or call our offices below: