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Taking a case to Court can be a long winded and almost certainly the most expensive route to take in dispute resolution. Choosing this method will also require a solicitor or barrister to attend court proceedings unless you represent yourself.

If Court proceedings are taken, the modern court process encourages parties to make an attempt at resolving their issues before coming to court in the interest of costs. The Court is funded by the taxpayer, so any attempt to resolve your dispute by Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) prior to entering the Courtroom now expected. In the case of construction disputes this done using the "Pre-action Protocol for Construction and Engineering Disputes." The spectre of costs of court proceedings, which are often disproportionate and often only partially recoverable even if you win, will often leads to ending of proceedings through an ADR or negotiated process. Arbicon are leading specialists in Construction ADR.

Arbicon can assist with cases in Court with advice on:

  • The Pre-action Protocol for Construction and Engineering Disputes
  • How to use or engage in ADR to dispense with Court proceedings
  • Case presentation and compilation where self-represented
  • Advisory or Formal CPR 35 Expert reports / witness services
  • Assistance with summary enforcement of adjudication decisions
  • Appointing a suitable barrister for your Court matter

Arbicon are dual qualified in construction law and chartered quantity surveying. Arbicon are claims consultants and advise specialist construction solicitors and solicitors on matters of ADR (e.g. adjudication and mediation) and technical construction commercial related matters including expert opinion on quantum matters and delay analysis.

If you are a solicitor or barrister and need assistance with any aspect of Construction ADR or Expert opinion or if you are a party to court proceedings in need of an alternative view call Arbicon.

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