We Are Still Open! Continuing to Support Your Business During Covid-19

We Are Still Open! Continuing to Support Your Business During Covid-19


It's been just over a week since Boris Johnson addressed the Nation, placing the UK on lockdown in a bid to stop the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Construction sites on the whole have remained open so far during the lockdown and uncertainty remains over what will happen if contractors participate in the wider lockdown by suspending operations.

Current Government guidance for construction sites remains as work can continue, as long as contractors follow social distancing rules.  This puts construction companies in a very difficult position, with delays likely due to staff or labour shortages, or difficulties with supply of materials.  The Client and contractor will need to examine the precise terms of their contracts and/or come to an agreement to limit construction disputes.  Our team of Construction Law experts provided an update recently on Coronavirus and the Construction Contract.  Please ensure that you know your rights.    

Despite the changes that the construction industry is facing, we wanted to reassure you that our specialists here at Arbicon continue to be able to resolve your disputes, assisting in the management of all notices, agreements and settlements.  We are continuing to follow government guidance and our team is working from home, albeit fully contactable on phone and email.

It is highly likely that the rules for Construction sites will change, with the Government under huge pressure to close them down to ensure safety and reduce the spread of Coronavirus.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team if you have any queries or need advice on your legal position for shutting down a site or delaying work.

We wish you well at this difficult time.