Appointing an Arbitrator

Appointing an Arbitrator

If there is an arbitration clause in your contract you can use arbitration to resolve your dispute.

Whatever the terms of the Arbitration Agreement, you can always seek agreement from the other party to appoint any Arbitrator.

The Arbitrator is appointed unilaterally or by agreement between the parties. Arbicon arbitrations follow a no nonsense commercial procedure which is less formal, quick and at a low cost. A long winded court-like or CPR procedure will not be adopted. For example, there may be no formal trial, but perhaps a meeting instead. Submissions are dealt with under a strict timetable and no delay tactics are entertained. The Arbitrator will always be a qualified Arbitrator who is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor. We are known for providing the most practical commercial service available on the market.

If you would like to appoint an Arbicon Arbitrator or have your arbitration rights evaluated please use our contact form or call our offices below:

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