Chartered Quantity Surveyors

Chartered Quantity Surveyors

Arbicon are a niche firm of Chartered Quantity Surveyors, with team members with over 45 years of commercial construction experience that are also specialists, experienced in matters of construction law, ADR, construction contracts, forensic delay analysis, loss and/or expense and construction dispute resolution.

Arbicon are a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) regulated chartered surveying practice. The RICS represents the mark of the highest level of property professionalism in the world.

Arbicon work for all parties in the Construction and Civil Engineering industries including Building Employers, Main Contractors and Subcontractors of any size.

Arbicon are your Commercial Construction Director

Whether you are an established construction firm or a growing one, a commercial director is required. It is critical that clarity on project financial and contract management is maintained on a regular basis. Perilous cash flow hardship and falling foul of onerous terms will easily destroy the profit and solvency of any construction firm very quickly.

If you need commercial direction in your construction business or project, our Quantity Surveying service covers that at the highest level. Arbicon will work alongside you in any construction project to protect your commercial interests, which are always very complex and difficult to deliver. It is essential that any party to a construction contract invests in professional commercial expert management to avoid inevitable problems.

Arbicon’s commercial director service can evaluate or check that:

  • construction contract(s) are properly written, priced, scoped, programmed and procured.
  • the project is delivered for the price, on time, complete and of the highest quality.
  • the other party exists and is solvent for the purposes of a construction contract.
  • if any warranty, personal/parent company guarantee is required.
  • negotiate on any commercial matter to achieve agreements or settlements.
  • setting out, maintaining and focusing on the legal and financial position on projects.
  • variations are avoided or claimed as applicable.
  • costs are controlled and engineered.
  • programmes and delays are properly managed.
  • disputes are avoided or managed including handling adjudication without a solicitor.
  • payment processing including payment / payless notices are issued correctly.
  • cash flow and profits or savings are maximised.
  • business commercial goals, growth and strategies are achieved.
  • business relations are maintained after disputes occur.
  • finances are managed properly.
  • valuations of building works are correct.

Arbicon believe in the philosophy that the customer owns the business and thus our team will provide the best possible commercial department you can have handling your commercial business requirements as if it is our own.

Our specialist expertise in dealing with construction problems, payment issues, defects and disputes makes us the best possible consultant to use in avoiding and resolving trouble!

Commercial Pre-Contract Services

Investment in good precontract development and planning is essential to avoid the high risks of later dispute, increased costs, costly variations, delays and defective or incomplete works.  Many disputes Arbicon are asked to assist on are caused by a misunderstanding for the need for investment, which is totally lacking in professional pre-contract services. It is very difficult to blame or prosecute claims against anyone if precontract professional services have not been procured or rendered.

Do engage Arbicon who can assist in commercial pre-contract planning to the highest level and calibre. Typical pre-contract services include:

  • Party Identity Solvency check of the other party, guarantees and any assignment proposals.
  • Feasibility Studies, cost planning and budgeting.
  • Programming and Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Bills of Quantities / Specification Writing - SMM7, NRM, CESMM or Builders Quants
  • Estimating, Tender Management and Audits
  • Employer's Requirements or Contractor's Proposals drafting
  • Procurement and Agreement of Contracts - Main Contract and Subcontract drafting
  • Contract Forms advice - including JCT contracts, NEC3 contracts and bespoke contracts.
  • Clause Amendments
  • Onerous Clauses

Commercial Pre-Contract Services

After signing the contract and work commences, Arbicon can provide post contract commercial services for any building project including:

  • Project Quantity Surveying
  • Contractual Procedures and Advice
  • Re measurement - SMM7, NRM, CESMM
  • Valuations and issuing of Payment Notices
  • Valuing Variations
  • Extension of Time and Liquidated Damages Claims
  • Loss and/or Expense Claims or Common Law damages claims.
  • Cost Reconciliation and Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Expert Reports/ Expert Determination/ Expert Witness
  • Forensic Quantity Surveying
  • Settling of new or old Final Accounts and Retentions
  • Dispute Resolution by ADR - Adjudication, Arbitration, Mediation
  • Litigation Support
  • Managing walk outs, termination and repudiation
  • Defects and dilapidations resolution

If you would like to know more on our Chartered Surveying and/or how Arbicon can fill the role in your commercial department as your in-house legal team and Commercial Director, please do not hesitate to call for an appointment with our Managing Director on any of our telephone numbers  below for a no obligation discussion or alternatively use our contact form or call our offices below: