Construction Claims Consultancy

Construction Claims Consultants

Arbicon are a one stop Construction Claims Consultancy with a team of highly qualified Chartered Quantity Surveyors and experts in construction contracts, claims, payment issues and adjudication. As construction claims consultants specialising in dispute resolution, we provide personal, individual and tailored expert advice on a wide range of contractual issues to both help set up your construction project to identify, assess, and avoid commercial disaster, and also manage and resolve construction claims quickly, effectively, and commercially should they arise, typically through adjudication and Expert Witness services.

Construction Disputes

Founded in 2006, Arbicon have a team of experts with over 40 years combined experience dealing with construction related matters. We provide construction claims management and contract support services for Main Contractors, Subcontractors and Building Employers across the UK, and can help as an Expert or Advocate, with all types of construction disputes including:

  • Construction payment disputes, including pay less notices, payment in default, retention claims, interim payment and Final Account issues, late payment and non-payment, or interest and cost claims, as well as illegal payment clauses such as 'pay-when-paid'.
  • Construction delays, preparing quantum delay analysis, loss and expense claims for damages arising out of delay and disruption, and dealing with Extension of Time Quantum Claims or providing advice on the rights of an EOT application. 
  • Liquidated damages.
  • Construction defects and contra charges, including defective work in construction projects or poor workmanship.
  • Variations, contract alterations or additional construction works.
  • Letters of Intent
  • Contract termination/walkouts/Repudiatory Breach, including terminating contractors, subcontractor termination, and resolving claims arising from termination of a contractor agreement. We can support you by establishing whether you are in circumstances of repudiatory breach, advise you on your rights, remedies and obligations arising therefrom, represent you in notifying termination of a construction contract, and collate and prosecute any damages claim using ADR.  
  • Design errors and Professional Negligence claims
  • Quantum construction evaluation and quantum expert services.
  • Rescue of projects after walkout or bankruptcy. 

Our service includes setting up commercial construction contracts to avoid claims such as reviewing and drafting contract terms including JCT contract terms, and conditions to minimise risk through to the assessment, drafting, presentation and management of construction claims. We have vast experience of advising on JCT Contracts and NEC Contracts, including rights that are contained such as contract termination, delays and extension of time. For further advice on construction contracts, read our article 'Avoiding Disputes - The Importance of Construction Contracts'

Construction Site Closure

We advise on the problems and solutions that can arise if a construction site was forced to close, either by statutory power or force majeure.  If a construction site is forced to close, the obvious impact would be construction delay and it might be necessary to prepare a delay notice and delay analysis. It is important to understand your rights and whether your construction contract contains a force majeure clause. 

Many construction Contractors have been affected by Covid-19, whether it be issues with labour or supplies, or the requirement of social distancing affecting site productivity, potentially causing further delays.

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Arbicon’s forensic service is ideal for checking that construction contracts are being operated properly, for example, document management, service of notices, and valuation, or where it has all gone wrong, which naturally includes evaluating any professional management person(s) so as to avoid or rectify any damage by professional negligence, which can be difficult to reverse and incur a great deal of misery and cost.

Arbicon can look at any construction claim going back 6-12 years to evaluate and obtain justice provided the other party still exists.

If you have a construction dispute or building contract dispute, it can be complex, stressful and costly.  It might be that you have experienced defective work from a contractor, delayed completion of a construction project, left with an unfinished project or been affected by additional costs due to extension of time claims. Arbicon will manage your construction dispute with a rapid response, your case will be managed through negotiation or formal dispute resolution proceedings and methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) such as Adjudication, the preferred method of dispute resolution in the construction industry. Our expert team will find the most strategic commercial solution, ensuring your rights are determined and your case robustly presented and supported by appropriate narratives and evidence.

Arbicon are not only specialists at resolving construction contract disputes, we also offer the provision of independent Expert Witness evidence on claims for the purpose of litigation proceedings.  For an initial consultation, please use our contact form or call any of our offices.