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Arbitration is an ADR process that can be used in construction disputes as an alternative to Court proceedings. The benefit is that the process is private and not in the public domain and in theory more flexible and quicker than going to Court. The award(s) are final, binding, enforceable and difficult to appeal. There is normally no time limit and reasonable legal costs can be recovered.

Arbicon’s managing director Jonathan Nugent, is one of the few QS Arbitrators still in practice who take a modern, less legalistic approach, adopting the Arbicon arbitration model, which is designed to save cost and time and provide a commercially viable dispute process.

Whether you are setting up your contract and are unsure whether to select arbitration as the dispute resolution method, or whether you have a dispute that may need progressing to arbitration then Arbicon can provide an Arbitrator, an Advocate or simply experienced expert guidance and advice on the Construction Arbitration process.

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