Project rescue

Project Rescue

One of Arbicon’s many strengths and USPs is in the rescue and recovery of construction projects that have gone wrong at any point in the construction process. Arbicon have been called the “Red Adaire” of the construction industry.

A failing or failed project will be due to one of the parties involved failing to perform, normally the contractor or subcontractor due to bankruptcy, poor quality of work, walk outs or failure to proceed with the works regularly and diligently. The failure might also be due to professional negligence and mismanagement of the design and/or the works by a professional consultant. (See our Professional Negligence page)

Project Rescue

Arbicon will take charge of the failed project initially with a detailed Expert Report assessment mapping out in a snapshot of time, the quality and value of works completed so that the financial position and quality of work is identified. A strategy and recommendations will then be provided to plan the delivery of the completed works.

The Arbicon Expert Report is the first step and will provide the yardstick from which all subsequent actions will rectify and recover the project typically:

  • Dealing with Contractor Repudiation / Termination / Walk Out and making claims
  • Dealing with Professional Negligence and making a claim
  • Assessing Damages
  • Writing the close out works tender documents and contacts - Scope, Programme and Price
  • Ensuring all design and specification is complete to enable close out works to commence
  • Procuring a new Contractor on a properly written fixed price contract (Arbicon approved firms only)
  • Handling Administrators/ Liquidators – E.g. defeating retention claims after bankruptcy
  • Managing and delivering the building work to the highest quality on budget with effective cost control.

View some of our case studies:

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If your project is not proceeding as planned or at a standstill Arbicon can quickly rectify the problem. Contact us using our contact form or call any of our offices above for a consultation.