Project Overview

Arbicon were instructed by Subcontractor, Smoke Control Solutions Ltd, to provide advice on terminating a contract following non-payment. We have subsequently carried out various contract reviews for dispute prevention over several years. 


Arbicon were instructed by Subcontractor, Smoke Control Solutions Ltd, to advise on the right to terminate a contract after they fell foul of a non-payment issue. We reviewed the contract terms and advised our Client to negotiate rather than terminate the contract due to the lack of any express contractual rights to do so, and the difficulty they would have in demonstrating repudiation.

Following this and other contractual issues, Arbicon have a continued relationship with our Client, and have provided numerous contract reviews for dispute prevention, giving recommendations on amendments to clauses, contract wording and the removal of any ambiguity.

Arbicon Comment

“We have enjoyed working with Smoke Control Solutions over the last few years and continue to provide contractual advice as and when they require it. By utilising our services to review contracts, it helps with dispute prevention, minimising the risk of issues arising.”

- Simon Dunkling, Director, Arbicon ADR Ltd

Client Comment

“Arbicon have worked with us for several years providing contractual advice, carrying out numerous contract reviews. We would not hesitate in recommending Arbicon’s services, their knowledge is exceptional, and their advice is invaluable. Using Arbicon to review our contracts means the risk of a dispute arising is lower, and if one does occur, we are in the strongest position possible.”

- Richard Arnott, Managing Director, Smoke Control Solutions Ltd