Contract Administration, New Projects and Rescued Projects

Contract Administration, New Projects and Rescued Projects

The definition of Contract Administration or Project Management can be applied to Building Employers, Contractors or Subcontractors, where Arbicon dynamically take command of a contract relative to the type of party.

Building Employers - New Projects

The Employer's representative of agents in the delivery of major construction projects is known in the trade as the "Contract Administrator" or CA. The CA manages the consultants and contractors together with effective quality and cost control from the outset to completion.

The role, by example, is defined in detail in the JCT contract suites. Arbicon offer "Contract Administrator" services and give the Client the assurance of employing qualified Chartered Surveyors in the procurement of their contracts and building.

Typically the role of the Arbicon Contract Administrator for the Employer is:

  • Inviting and Processing Tenders
  • Preparing contract documents for execution
  • Administering and co-ordinating consultants
  • Keeping the Client fully informed and up to date on instructions
  • Issuing instructions in relation to variations, provisional sums and defects correction
  • Dealing with Claims
  • Chairing all construction meetings
  • Compiling progress reports
  • Managing site inspections and Statutory matters
  • Approving commissioning, testing and operation manuals
  • Managing Defects Correction periods
  • Certifying interim and final payments
  • Issuing contractual notices and certificates
  • Agreeing the Final Account
  • Issuing the Final Certificate

Building Employers - Rescued Projects

Where a contract is in progress or just completed, sometimes due to the failure of another Contract Administrator, Consultant or Contractor, Arbicon are the specialists in taking control and sorting out the mess as a speciality. There may be professional negligence, insolvency or termination involved. Whatever the situation, Arbicon will resolve any problem, take over and complete the contract administration as necessary.

On completion, Arbicon will then prepare and prosecute any claims that can be made against the parties involved and obtain damages for the injured Client ideally using an ADR process such as adjudication.

The above relates to Building Employers, Arbicon also provide a full recovery contract management package for Contractors and Subcontractors, see our page "Help with Contract Management Failure".

If you would like to find out more about how Arbicon can help you with contract administration, please use our contact form or call one of our offices.