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Contract Administration

Contract Administration

In construction, the contract administrator, employer’s agent or project manager is the party responsible for administering the conditions of the construction contract. The role involves a multitude of tasks and responsibilities such as:

  • Inviting and processing tenders
  • Preparing contract documents
  • Administrating contract terms, notices, consultants and procedures
  • Certifying interim payments
  • Issuing instructions such as contract variations or directions
  • Chairing meetings and issuing progress reports
  • Assessing claims such as extension of time and loss and expense
  • Managing site inspections and defect rectification procedures
  • Issuing certificates of practical completion and later the certificate of making good defects
  • Agreeing the final account and issuing the final certificate
Arbicon will undertake the contract administrator role, managing the contract between the Building Employer, Contractor and any Subcontractors to ensure the effective and correct administration of the contract terms. In turn giving you the peace of mind that your contractual rights are protected, your goals are achieved as planned and the delivery of your construction project properly managed.

Alternatively, we are specialists in taking charge of bad jobs where the contract administrator is or has failed for whatever reason, rectifying the project to completion followed by claiming the damage and losses that are incurred by the failure of the contract administrator or others as appropriate with swift justice.

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