Case Studies

LAD Deduction and Award of Extension of Time - New Hotel

Arbicon represented the Main Contractor in a supporting role with a firm of solicitors, resulting in the Extension of Time Claim being calculated and submission of a Final Account and Claim. Adjudication proceedings were issued and Liquidated and Ascertained Damages (LADs) were ordered to be repaid.

Adjudication – Power Line Subcontracts, Electrical Infrastructure Re-Development

Value: Circa £250,000Arbicon were instructed to undertake three adjudications in respect of disputes as to the value of the sums to be paid to the Subcontractor on three Power Line subcontracts, all with the same Client. Arbicon subsequently assisted our Client in negotiating and agreeing the settlement deal and as a result of our involvement our Client secured circa £250k.

Adjudication - Contractor Services Collins Contractors

Award. Values: Awarded £43,976.60 plus Adjudicator costs

DM Electric Ltd

Value : £2,496.13

Adjudication - Silverside Trading Subcontractor Services

Award. Values : £13,000 - £36,000 plus costs, interest and VAT.

Subcontractor Collaboration Services

Contract Advice - Fego Restaurants

Contractor Services - Green Blue Urban Ltd

Contractor Services - David Rose Construction